Julian’s Treatment – A Time Before This



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A1 First Chapter: First Prophecy / “First Oracle”
A2 Second Chapter / “The Coming Of The Mule”
A3 Third Chapter / “Phantom City”
B1 Fourth Chapter / “The Black Tower”
B2 Fifth Chapter / “Alda, Dark Lady Of The Outer Worlds”
B3 Sixth Chapter / “Altarra, Princess Of The Blue Woman”
C1 Seventh Chapter: Second Prophecy / “Second Oracle”
C2 Eight Chapter / Part One: “Twin Suns Of Centauri”
C3 Ninth Chapter / “The Terran”
D1 Tenth Chapter / “Fourth From The Sun”
D2 Eleventh Chapter / “Strange Things”
D3 Twelfth Chapter: Epilogue / “A Time Before This”