Strokes, The – The Singles (06.25.2001-09.06.2006) – Volume 01 (7″)


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The Modern Age
A The Modern Age
B Last Nite

Hard To Explain
C Hard To Explain
D New York City Cops

Last Nite
E Last Nite
F When It Started

G Someday
H1 Alone, Together (Home Recording)
H2 Is This It (Home Recording)
I 12:51 (Album Version)
J The Way It Is (Home Recording)

K Reptilia
L Modern Girls & Old Fashion Men

The End Has No End
M The End Has No End
N Clampdown (Live)

O Juicebox
P Hawaii

Heart In A Cage
Q Heart In A Cage
R I’ll Try Anything Once (“You Only Live Once” Demo)

You Only Live Once
S You Only Live Once
T Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)